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Seminar: Healing Takes Time, Natalie Zeleznikar

Seminar: Healing Takes Time, Natalie Zeleznikar

We’re excited to announce local author, Natalie Zeleznikar will be presenting Healing Takes Time at the 2022 Duluth Women’s Expo, Saturday, February 26th at 11:30AM.

Natalie, a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, entrepreneur, and owner, is the author of The Scars You Can’t See. During her presentation at the Women’s Expo, she will share some of her story of surviving breast cancer and sepsis and give hope to those looking to heal.

Participate in Healing Takes Time in the Split Rock Rooms near the DECC main entrance. Natalie describes the presentation as: Life is a rollercoaster ride and may include tragedy, trauma, betrayal, or disappointment. Physical scars are easier to see, but the emotional, mental, and spiritual scares are all critical too. So rip the bandaid off… Let the healing of you begin.

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