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Bluebird Foundation: Nearly $50K to Support Area Students

Bluebird Foundation: Nearly $50K to Support Area Students

In 2014 The Bluebird Foundation was founded to help area students pursue their dreams in the performing arts with grants and scholarships. The bluebird has long been a cultural symbol of happiness and the Bluebird Foundation has, as an organization, brought happiness and financial support to many area 9-12 grade students involved in music, dance, and theater.

The Bluebird Foundation was the brainchild of Tracy Lundeen. He credits his late mother, Audrey Lundeen, for giving him the gift of music and the arts. “Giving kids the gift of the arts is truly a gift that will last a lifetime, a gift of calm during storms and peace during times of troubles. The arts are truly a gift that will always keep on giving,” says Lundeen.

The Bluebird Foundation has many short and long-term goals in its arts advocacy. Scholarships began being awarded in May of 2014 and to date, nearly $50,000 has been awarded. The Bluebird Foundation’s spring grant application is available right now on their website,

Donations, grants, and other fundraising have helped to raise the monies needed to get the Foundation up and running. The proceeds from the annual Christmas by the Lake- CDs initially helped fund the foundation and now a number of donations and fundraising events continue to support the organization throughout the year.

For more information on the Bluebird Foundation, how to get involved, or how to donate, find them on
Facebook at www.facebook.com/bluebirdfoundation or visit bluebirdfoundation.org.