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Arrowhead Printing: They have an ink for that

Arrowhead Printing: They have an ink for that

When you think of Arrowhead Printing, you might think of the fast-turnaround time on your business cards, or the amazing layout for your company’s brochures, or perhaps the 10,000 piece direct mailer they did from start to doorstep for your charity’s fundraiser, and while Arrowhead Printing can accomplish all these projects without breaking a sweat – that is not all they do.

Arrowhead Printing is a small, local, woman-owned business that is well known in the business community for their quick and quality work, but they love working on projects for individuals as well.

Many custom projects that you might think you can only order online can actually be created right in your own neighborhood. “We can customize so many things,” explains Arrowhead Printing expert, Lisa Lurye. “We can print custom coasters for your home bar, designs on doors, mirrors, or most anything flat to customize your home or office. We can print stickers or buttons, or custom calendars that highlight your family’s favorite days.”

Arrowhead Printing can even help you design and print custom wrapping paper for birthdays or holidays. Who needs gift tags when you can print paper with the recipient’s face on it! Imagine how fun those presents will look under the tree.

When it comes to gifts, Arrowhead can create one-of-a-kind items that make perfect presents for your loved ones. “Most grandmas would love a calendar with all the family birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations highlighted with photos and notations on the special days. A custom sign with matching coasters for Dad’s home bar would make a perfect Father’s Day present. We can also print on pizza and cutting boards to use as décor,” shared Lisa.

You can also turn to Arrowhead for custom designed invitations for birthdays and anniversaries or birth and graduation announcements. They can also turn a favorite photo into a canvas you can hang on the wall or print copies of grandma’s cookbook for the whole family.

Working with a local printer gives you the opportunity to see and feel the products before printing them, as well as the option to customize the look and design until it’s exactly what you want. Arrowhead Printing’s professional staff can walk you through any project big or small.

Find them at arrowheadprinting.com
email llurye@arrowheadprinting.com
or call them at 218-727-1513.